OWL logoWhat is ‘OWL’?

OWL is a means of passing information to you easier and more quickly than ever before.
OWL is a community engagement system that has been developed across various parts of Wales and England over the past ten years, in that time there have been no breaches in security, in fact the system has passed GCHQ tests. It helps communities prevent and detect crime, support one another and be more aware of what is going on in their area. In short, it compliments what you have always done as a ‘Watch’ member or just resident, but uses modern technology and communications to make life easier and simpler for all involved. It is also interactive allowing you to send any messages back just as easily.

Some of those who have experienced OWL in action said it helped contribute to them feeling safer in their homes.

Messages, including crime alerts and timely crime prevention advice, are sent out in an instant, sometimes within half an hour of a crime occurring. The system allows messages to be received by telephone, fax, email, mobile phone, flyers or letter, so people who do not have access to the internet do not miss out on OWL.

Why do we prefer OWL in London?

There are other communication systems on the market. In all cases, they are marketed directly to a Police Force.

The Met is running on a very tight budget, we have no interest in a system that could create a burden on their resources, basically it wouldn't happen. With OWL, we can buy the service on an annual subscription basis, by Borough. This also lends itself to the London support of NHW by MOPAC via Safer Neighbourhood Boards, MOPAC are willing to pay for the first year of service for OWL. Thereafter the cost will fall to London Community Watch or your local Council.