About us

London Community Watch was formed in March 2017 by the various Borough coordinators of Neighbourhood Watches run across London by their communities (hence the name).

Our aim is to promote Neighbourhood Watch across London. We are not a governing body, nor do we represent any London Boroughs, ultimately we are here to help you, London residents. Much of what we do will be "behind the scenes", helping our police move NHW to their communities, assisting everyone to communicate better, providing Street Signs, Window stickers, a monthly magazine, etc.

Nor are we bound by any other bodies rules...We are young, we are free and we will do whatever it takes.

We believe that by working together across the capital, NHW will naturally improve for everyone.

Maybe it's because we are Londoners........

 "Crime cannot flourish in a community that cares"

Crime cannot flourish in a community that cares



Are we clear?